Maksud Malik-Aslanov
Maksud Malik-Aslanov, an architecture student, originally from Baku, Azerbaijan, and currently based in New York while studying at Parsons New School, is deeply passionate about architecture, design, and the art of creating ink drawings on paper.
In his journey at Parsons, he has embarked on a profound exploration of architecture's transformative power, drawing inspiration from both his Azerbaijani heritage and the dynamic energy of New York City. Maksud's chosen medium is ink on paper, a deliberate craft that allows him to intricately convey the essence of space, light, and form, inviting viewers to experience the built environment through his artistic lens.
With a strong commitment to sustainability and inclusivity, Maksud believes that architecture should harmonize aesthetics with environmental responsibility and social relevance. His designs reflect these principles, aiming to create spaces that enhance the human experience while respecting the planet's finite resources.
As he continues his education and pursues a career in architecture, Maksud carries with him a fusion of cultural influences and urban inspiration. His ink drawings serve as a bridge between cultures, a testament to the potential of design, and a contribution to the ever-evolving world of architecture. In his artistic endeavors, Maksud Malik-Aslanov shapes spaces, tells stories, and adds his unique thread to the rich architectural tapestry of our global community.